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Settling Estate Assets Through your Will

To summarize the article, a BC judge overturned a Will that left 93% of the estate to their sons and 7% to four daughters.

The Year Ahead

“History Doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes” – Mark Twain. The quote is one of my favourites and is relevant to the recent downward cycle and volatility we have seen in the stock markets.
Direct settle your estate

Direct Settlement

I would like to share with you an illustration from a slide that is an integral part of my Estate Planning seminars.
Enhance your Wealth and Legacy

Protecting Your Retirement

I have two questions I am going to ask you – take 30 seconds on each question. You may find it helpful to put a mark down each time you think of an individual or family.
Protect your Retirement Savings

Leave a Legacy and Enhance Your Wealth

Through our Transgenerational Programme, you would purchase and own a Life Insurance Policy that insures the lives of your children or grandchildren.
Protect your Retirement Savings

Retirement Income: Can your RRIF Survive the Stress Test?

Investing your registered retirement income fund in stocks and bonds will produce some troubling losses every so often, but you have little choice these days if you want to achieve a decent long-term return on your investments.