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COVID-19 Economic and Market Updates

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Virus markets

Impact of the Coronavirus

I found the article excerpt from *Mark DeCambre provides an interesting historical perspective on the financial impact of past worldwide health issues.
Stock charts

BlackRock US Equity Index Fund

IA’s BlackRock US Equity Index Fund has been added to our list of preferred funds.
Litt Farm

Settling Estate Assets Through your Will

To summarize the article, a BC judge overturned a Will that left 93% of the estate to their sons and 7% to four daughters.

The Year Ahead

“History Doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes” – Mark Twain. The quote is one of my favourites and is relevant to the recent downward cycle and volatility we have seen in the stock markets.
Direct settle your estate

Direct Settlement

I would like to share with you an illustration from a slide that is an integral part of my Estate Planning seminars.