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November Newsletter

It’s still too early to see what is going to come out of the Federal election results in financial terms so let’s take a look at what is happening in the rest of the world: EU transitioning from a Greece crisis to a Migrant crisis: The financial and logistic repercussions of what is now termed […]

Direct Settlement

I would like to share with you an illustration from a slide that is an integral part of my Estate Planning seminars. This slide illustrates how Smart Estate Strategies enhance your Legacy and provide Direct Settlement to your Beneficiaries. I hope you enjoy this illustration which can be accessed through the link below: Smart Estate […]

Protecting Your Retirement

I would like to offer you the opportunity to participate in an exercise that may help you identify and protect your current or future retirement lifestyle from a significant financial risk. The Exercise This question is part of my Estate Planning Seminar, and will help you identify how extended family can pose a financial risk […]

Leave a Legacy and Enhance Your Wealth

Estate Planning and Wealth Enhancement should not be mutually exclusive. Through our Transgenerational Programme you would purchase and own a Life Insurance Policy that insures the lives of your children or Grandchildren to: Provide an immediate enhancement of your Legacy. Create a growing Tax Sheltered Savings Account that you can access at any time. Provide […]

10 Ways to Ensure You Don’t Outlive Your Money

Don’t know if your savings will last? Traditional financial plans say you can withdraw 4% of your initial portfolio value every year (with inflation adjustments). But low interest rates or a long bear market may force you to adapt. If you’re concerned about outliving your savings, plan to be flexible with withdrawals. “People get anchored […]

Retirement Income: Can your RRIF survive the stress test?

Investing your registered retirement income fund in stocks and bonds will produce some troubling losses every so often, but you have little choice these days if you want to achieve a decent long-term return on your investments. The question is, just how unstable will returns be in a portfolio that includes stocks? We can get […]

Is an Individual Pension Plan right for you?

Based on a C.D. Howe Institute report that suggested one possible solution to the alleged retirement crisis was simply to go back to the half-century-plus RRSP and raise contribution limits for the (relatively) few affluent people who are forced to save in taxable accounts because they’ve maxed out on RRSP room. If you’re at top […]